Thursday, 20 February 2020

Play in Ti Kouka

Play is one of our favourite things to do in Ti Kouka! 

Learning through play helps to develop confident, connected actively involved, lifelong learners.  Menzies (2015) states, "We all know that play contributes positively to a child’s sense of well-being. It enhances a child’s natural capacity for intense and self-motivated learning. It helps build creative and critical thinkers and lets children test social boundaries. Play produces curiosity, openness, optimism, resilience, and concentration. It enhances a child’s memory skills, develops their language skills, helps regulate their behaviour, advances their social skills and encourages academic learning to take place."

Pirates in the studio!!

This week some pirates visited Tī Kōuka and left treasure lying all around our studio. Each team went on a treasure hunt to see if they could find 25 pieces of treasure.

We counted the treasure and then we had to decide how we could show what we had found so it was easy to see what treasure we had the most of.

We had to work together in a group. That meant we had to take turns, share the gluesticks and listen to what our friends had to say.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Getting to know each other.

This week during writing time we have been sharing all about ourselves and our families. We made  
T group 'Who am I' booklets. We had fun reading out the clues and trying to guess who each person was.

You can come in and read our 'Who am I' books to find out who we are.

At writing time we have also been learning what to do when we have finished our writing.

We have fun playing writing games.

We love this silly sentence game.
 Look at the funny sentences we made:

We are Huritini...

Our studio, Huritini, is named after the part of the Halswell River that is known as a food gathering place for tuna (eel), manu (birds/waterfowl), korari (stalks of the flax) and kōareare (raupō/bulrush). It has many bends on this part of the awa (river).

The Whio and Tī Kōuka children made a big mural to show we are all part of Huritini.