Friday, 4 December 2020

What a super fun sports day we had today!!!


Christmas Cards - Halswell Holiday Helpers

 Our seniors at Halswell School have been organising a trip to visit 2 rest homes and spread kindness at Christmas time.

They asked if we could create some cards with lovely messages inside for the elderly to read. They love reading our cards and it makes their hearts so full! 

We used QR codes and the iPad to follow a drawing tutorial! 

Here are some you can do at home. 


This week all the children in Tī Kōuka received personalised mail from the children at Ainslie School in Canberra, Australia.

The children were very excited to get their own letter and shared the letters with each other. They found out lots of interesting facts about their penpals, their penpals school and Australia.

We have written letters back to our penpals. Hopefully, the children from Ainslie School will be as excited to get their letters.